Renegade Stringband plays hard driving bluegrass on stages and in the streets. Their repertoire runs the gamut from original ballads to covers of songs by the Black Keys, Woody Guthrie, Tom Waits, and Ella Fitzgerald. From their base in Portland, Oregon, the band has been touring the west coast since 2010. In summer of 2012 they made their first pilgrimage to the birthplace of bluegrass, delighting audiences at the ROMP Festival in Owensboro, Kentucky.

The Seattle Observer has described how the band “trades instrumental solos like a jazz sextet.” They continue to enjoy and explore the ability of music to draw communities together, and express that which can only be reflected in song. Whether performing school concerts, on tall masted ships, or on your local street corner, Renegade Stringband delivers the same signature sound. Their reverence for tradition anchors their musical innovations, allowing them to join with audiences in a stomping and hollering celebration.

In 2012 they released their new EP, One Thing After Another.

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Singer Jessica Jarris grew up in Seattle, Washington. Her voice was first nurtured by her instructor at the Bush School, and she studied voice in the music program at Lewis & Clark College. The Seattle Observer called her voice “bold” and “rootsy,” and she was once told she has “a voice like a freight train.”

Banjo frailer Joe Seamons grew up in the woods outside of Rainier, Oregon, where he learned locally composed logging and fishing ballads of the region. Like his bandmates, Joe studied music at Lewis & Clark College, but he majored in English. This focus still informs his work as a songwriter for Renegade Stringband. In 2012 he began to deepen his love and exploration of NW folk music by starting a folk trio, The Timberbound Project.

Austin Moore‘s guitar playing is the mortar that holds together the sound of Renegade Stringband. Austin grew up in Santa Barbara, California, where he learned the art of cuisine from his mother. Though he still loves to cook, Austin spends most of his time studying American traditional music and composing instrumental tunes for Renegade Stringband. He also writes and performs with the Giraffe Dodgers.

Bassist Max Kutzman was born and bred in Montana. Recently, he returned from an extensive tour of Europe. He is currently studying jazz bass and music education at Portland State University.

Fiddler Ben Hunter hails from Phoenix, Arizona.
His nonprofit, Community Arts Create, is dedicated to building community in southeast Seattle through self-discovery and shared experiences. Ben was trained in classical violin from a young age, and began exploring the world of bluegrass around 2008. He is one of the band’s three talented cooks.

Like Austin and Ben Hunter, Gavin Duffy is a practitioner of the culinary arts. While he generally plays dobro with the Stringband, he is also an accomplished pianist and guitarist. He is currently polishing off his master’s degree in composition from Indiana University, where he studied for three years. In 2013, he plans to open a late night sandwich shop in Portland called The Devil’s Dill. Gavin’s chops as a multi-instrumentalist are featured by The Timberbound Project.