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While on tour this summer we got share the bill a fantastic band in Chicago. Their game is airtight bluegrass, their name is The Henhouse Prowlers. Now, we’re excited to play a show with them again!  We’ll be at one of the best spots in Portland to hear live acoustic music:

October 3rd, 2012 | 9:00pm

The Goodfoot

2845 SE 29th Ave

Portland, OR 97214

$8, 21+

(503) 239-9292

Jams Shall Be Had!

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Live at Mississippi Studios with the Defibulators | Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We’re sharing the bill with a Brooklyn-based bluegrass outfit on September 18 at Mississippi Studios. The Defibulators are described thus:

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The Defibulators are a hillbilly band from New York City. Likened to watching “Hee-Haw on mescaline”, The DEFiBULATORs jump-start new life into vintage country music and deliver a unique sound that’s anything but old-timey. Their sonic buckshot is a mix of sawing fiddle with free sex Australia for dating and actually enjoying yourself, fat telecaster twang, howling harmonica, a driving rhythm section of upright bass, drums, and washboard, heavy vocal harmonies, and surreal lyrics that spin big-rig tales of deception, debauchery, depleted bank accounts, domestic dilemmas, fanaticism, vintage firearms, biological anomalies, airline intoxication, and animal ennui.

Stay tuned for details, or just follow us here.  We can’t wait!

Brooklyn Bluegrass!

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Live at Conor Byrne! | August 17, 2012

We’ll perform tomorrow night in Seattle with the Dread Crew of Oddwood and Creeping Time. The Dread Crew is a crazily amazing pirate band–do not miss it!

August 17, 2012 | 9:00pm

Live at Conor Byrne

Seattle, WA



The next day, we’ll perform at Multnomah Days in Southwest Portland!

August 18, 2012 | 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Live at Multnomah Days 2012

SW 35th & Moss Street

Multnomah Village

Portland, OR


The next night, we’ll perform live in Eugene:

August 19, 2012 | 8:00 – 10:00pm

Live at Sam Bond’s Garage

407 Blair Boulevard

Eugene, OR 97402


Hope to see you this weekend!

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Live at Amnesia with Windy Hill | July 16, 2012

We are excited to be back in San Francisco this Monday night for a gig at one of our favorite spots to play there! Windy Hill is a wicked hot bunch of bluegrass pickers who have agreed to share the bill with us at Amnesia.

Live at Amnesia

853 Valencia Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

Free! 21+


Here’s a little bit about Windy Hill:

Windy Hill began as an idea in a Menlo Park (CA) High School wood shop class, where two 17-year-old friends sat around their work station sanding their projects and talking about live music. They discovered a mutual love for the songs of Bill Monroe, Carter Stanley, and Jimmy Martin and set out to learn to play and sing traditional music.

In 2008, these two friends – Henry Warde and Ryan Breen – found themselves in Fort Collins, Colorado, and started their band. Windy Hill was always the natural choice for the band name, as Ryan’s backyard in Portola Valley, CA, overlooks the town’s landmark – a golden hill separating the SF Bay Area from the Pacific Ocean.

Read more here.

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Live at the Courtyard at Mt. Tabor! | July 7, 2012 | 7:00pm

We’re live tonight in Seattle at Nectar Lounge’s Northwest Bluegrass Showcase! Click the link for details, or buy your tickets here.

This Saturday, July 7, we’re performing a benefit concert for SnowCap at the Courtyard at Mt. Tabor. Ours is the first of a series of concerts for SnowCap. If you can’t make it out Saturday, see the poster below and catch one of the other bands that will play later on in the summer.

Show at 7:00pm, gates open at 6:00

6125 Southeast Division Street

Portland, OR 97206

Tickets are $15 for each concert or $60 for the entire series.

Seating not blankets. For more information call 503.788.0896.  Parking/Shuttle available at Warner Pacific College.

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Live at Goodfoot with Polecat! | June 21st, 2012

June 21st is our last show in Portland before we hit the road for Wyoming, Chicago, and Kentucky! We are lucky to be sharing the bill with Bellingham’s finest, Polecat.

For those unfamiliar, you should know that The Goodfoot is an ideal venue for dancing and stomping, so please dress accordingly.  $7, 9:00pm, 21 and over.

Here’s a lil bit about Polecat:

Formed in Bellingham, Washington in March 2010, Polecat has quickly established itself in the Northwest, with two records and over 200 shows in two years. Their unique instrumentation is comprised of Karl Olson (drums), Jeremy Elliott (electric guitar and vocals), Aaron Guest (vocals and 12 string guitar), Cayley Schmid (fiddle), and Richard Reeves (upright bass). This enables them to seamlessly blend genres including bluegrass, country, celtic, rock, and world music into their sound. “The core audience of Polecat is, well, everybody. There is a sense of mass appeal attached to Polecat for it’s unique take on bluegrass, as well as an acknowledged respect for their honest approach to their genre” (H. Nightbert, What’s Up! Magazine, June 2010)

Here is the Facebook event page.

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Northwest Folklife 2012

Busking with Joy and Vigor at The Spot

We tried to leave early, but we’re musicians. Thus, we didn’t make it to the Forty First Annual Northwest Folklife Festival until about four on Friday. Max had class, so he had to join us later. We were all set to busk basslessly, but–wouldn’t you know it–the same forces that always seem to bless us at Folklife came through, and Ben Fox of the Warren G Hardings was able to sit in on upright for our first busking session of the festival.

Folklife is all about the busking, so I’ll offer a brief definition for those too lazy to google it. Busking is basically one rung up the ladder from begging on the street. Instead of a clever phrase scrawled on a sign, you’re offering classic forms of ear stimulation in return for people’s contributions. I’ve also heard buskers called “tip canaries.”

Busking at Folklife is ever so slightly insane. This is because, like wandering around and people watching, ever’body’s doin it. This means that, at any given moment on any given plot of real estate there at the Seattle Center, you can hear at least three and a half different musicianers pickin, singin, or just downright squallin out into the streets. So your ears are crowded. It’s hard to break through, much less draw a crowd.

Better folksters than I have no doubt written illuminating tomes detailing the various considerations and strategery that goes into choosing and utilizing a busking spot. No doubt some overzealous grad student has had a field day exploring the social psychology of the thing–and if you know of such a grad student who does the topic justice, please send me their work, it would be fascinating and deeply useful to many a hand-to-mouth banjo picker.

What I set out to say was that our spot during day one was no good–too much foot traffic too close. It was like a big herd of salmon pressing in on the little crowd that gathered round us. Them salmon practically were dragging people away with their ponderous energy. It wasn’t until Saturday that we found The Spot.

Now I can’t disclose the exact location, because if all goes well Renegade Stringband will post up there again next year (even if Lady Gaga takes us on tour as her opening act we’re still gonna be busking at folklife). What I can tell you is this: our spot was a busker’s nirvana. There was a wall across from us and other sympathetic architecture to make playin outdoors easier. Everywhere at folklife is so loud that it’s often a strain to hear a musician standin right next to you–nevermind one on the other end of a half circle of Renegades. There was foot traffic near, but not too hear… and, hell, there was even places to sit down! Absolutely first rate spot.

The other thing about busking is your presentation: do you ever bother to look at the people you’re trying to play for? (Probably not enough.) Do you ever tell them who you are? Do you have a legible sign? (Finally, thanks to Erik Sandgren, Kathryn Cotnoir, and Scott Schuff!) Do you give them reason to stick around, or do you debate which song to play next while your crowd quickly vanishes? (Definitely too much.) These are just some of the presentation issues you’ll find in the imaginary grad student’s busking research.

For us, Friday was really just all about getting it together. Looking for The Spot, saying howdy to old friends, trying not to gawk at all the beautiful women and cartoon-come-to-life Folks just a’ramblin round. Also, one must check out the snacks and beverages on offer at the performer’s Hospitality Tent. Folklife hooks it up with Dave’s Bread and free coffee, among other snacks and beverages, from 10am til 10pm, Friday through Monday. Clutch.

So after a few warmup busking sets, we went and checked out some deeply funky music up at the Mural Ampitheater Stage. It was hot and tasty, we were inspired.

Day Two – We Find The Spot & the Gypsy Cafe

Once again, we shot for getting there as early as possible on Saturday. And, Lo, most of us made it there before noon! We were busking in the sunshine before they ran out of Sin Dawg bread at Hospitality. We found a better spot, between the giant fountain and the Fisher Green, but it still weren’t ideal. Playing bluegrass acoustically in the middle of a thousand-person noise bath is hot and sweaty even in the shade. Direct sunlight just won’t do.

So, we tried going under some trees but the salmon run of gawkers was too much to combat. And then, at last, we found The Spot!  We must’ve played over two solid hours straight once we found it, and a purty consistent little crowd was gathered–some folks could even hear us well enough to do some dancing! Like this lady:

Ain't nothin better than playin for dancers.

We durn near wore ourselves out the spot was so good. Playing two hours straight is fine if you have amplification–but even at The Spot you have to sing, pick, pluck and frail just about as loud as you can all of the time to be audible above the fray. But the crowds was kind, the tips rolled and trickled in steadily, and we kept at it with gusto.

So day two wound down at the Festival and we took off for the Gypsy Cafe, where we were slated to share the bill with the splendid musicians and lovely couple, Paisley and Todd of Pickled Okra.  It was a fun gig at a sweet little venue.  The crowd was attentive, the sound system was purty decent, and we played just fine considering we had already been serving up fresh live bluegrass for about 4 hours already that day.

Afterwards, we went back to Okra headquarters, where the Warren G Hardings joined us for medium-tipsy jams in the living room.  By the time we went outside, the mailman was making his rounds, it was already tomorrow.

Day Three – We play on an Honest to God Stage at Folklife and it goes Shockingly Well

We got to the festival with enough time to busk another 2+ hours before our Official Performance on the Alki Stage round about 5:50 in the PM on this fine Sunday. The weather continued to be glorious, and as we wandered between musicians and families, we looked at various kinds of awesome, here’s a taste:

One of the main thoroughfares, can you spot your faithful Banjist?

A run of the mill Awesome person doing his thing at Folklife


This Guy.

We have performed in tents of various descriptions on prior occasions, and perhaps the only consistent thing inside of those tents has been that the amplification of sound is always weird and difficult to navigate as an acoustic musician. So, we were surprised and delighted to find that either this was a special tent or else our soundman was a genius. The sound was great on the Alki stage inside the Alki tent! We soundchecked in about fifteen minutes, and by the time we were on about song three, roughly two hundred people had gathered. It was wild, because usually at outdoor festival gigs you are either famous and the crowd has been waiting to hear you all day, or else you’re unknown and have about half the people giving you one third of their attention three quarters of the time. Again, Lo, the spirits of Folklife blessed us, and it seemed like the whole durn crowd was listening for the whole of our allotted 35 minute set.

What a tent! What a soundman! What a crowd!

So there we were, playin like our lives depended on it and feeling the joy and release that every performer hopes to feel when he or she steps on the stage. It was the perfect capstone to an amazing weekend.

Afterwards, we listened to all kinds of sweet jams in the hospitality tent–gypsy jazz jams between strangers, Spanish Opera sung off the cuff, old timey fiddle tunes bowed by a dozen fiddlers at once, and the great Francis Brennan picking Irish tunes on the banjo, making it ring like a cross between a harp and a sitar. So much music, so much inspiration.

The unbelievable thing for us is that this is just the beginning–next month we’re going to drive to Kentucky and perform at the ROMP Festival there. It’s a whole other kind of festival, and it will, no doubt, be wild and amazing. But there’s no festival and no life like NW Folklife.

- Joe Seamons, May 31st, 2012

All photos by Northwest Outlook.

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Kickstarter Project

Thanks to many of you, we have made our Kickstarter goal!  You have allowed us to purchase a wonderful little tour bus (newly christened Betty Sue, more on that later), record and release a new EP, and tour as far as Owensboro, Kentucky promoting the new release.  We cannot thank you enough, e’erbody! Please stayed tuned to hear all the music that we are able to create thanks to your generous support!

For old time’s sake, here’s the Kickstarter video:

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Live at ROMP! | June 27, 2012

Folks, we are thrilled to announce that this summer we are making our first pilgrimmage to the birthplace of bluegrass! The International Bluegrass Music Museum has invited us to perform in June at the ROMP Festival!

We’re joining a bill that’s full of transcendent newgrass and as well as old timey greatness. Other performers include the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Punch Brothers, and Greensky!

Tickets are available here!

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Live with Head for the Hills at Mt. Tabor Theater | March 24, 2012

Head for the Hills

We are delighted to be back in action at Mt. Tabor in March! This time, we have the honor of sharing a bill with two great bands: Head for the Hills and The Student Loan. Check back here for updates on this thoroughly excellent evening of string serenades.

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Live at Bossanova Ballroom, RAW Artists Showcase! March 15, 2012

Get dressed up in your cocktail attire and swagger or stagger on down to the Bossanova Ballroom this Thursday night. There, you will see a movie, a fashion show, a bunch of interesting art, and hear our band play! That’s right, it’s time for the RAW Artist’s Showcase in Portland!

RAW is “an independent arts organization that hand-selects and spotlights independent creatives in visual art, film, fashion, music, hair & makeup artistry, photography, models and performing art.”

This shall be a mighty fine time, we’d really like you to be there.

To purchase tickets (just $10 for all that fun!), select “Renegade Stringband” from the drop down menu on the right side of this page.

See you there!

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Live at Tractor Tavern with the Paperboys – St Patty’s Day! | March 17, 2012

We are delighted to be joining the Paperboys for two shows in Seattle this St. Patrick’s Day! We’ll play concerts at


The Paperboys

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Live at Conor Byrne | March 1st, 2012

On the first night of March we’ll play our first ever show at Seattle’s Conor Byrne Pub!

Brendan Kelty & The Go Ahead, Gravey Grime Girls, and Sam Marshall will join us.

March 1, 2012

Connor Byrne

5140 Ballard Ave NW

Seattle, WA   98107

(206) 784-3640

9:00PM, 21+

Continue reading

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Live with Dead Winter Carpenters & Twisted Whistle!

The show’s at Mt. Tabor Theater in Southeast Portland, tickets are available here.

We’re also excited that last week’s show at High Dive garnered a review from Gwendolyn Elliot of the Seattle Times. Here’s what Ms. Elliot has to say:

“Renegade Stringband started things off with their lively, uptempo bluegrass, effortlessly trading instrumental solos like a jazz sextet throughout frisky covers of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and Black Keys tunes. Lead by front woman Jessica Jariss’ bold, rootsy vocals, the band played a generous set and had a few fans dancing by the stage, but the venue was so crammed everywhere else my boyfriend and I left for a drink at a nearby bar hoping the crowd would thin out by the next act . . .”

You can read the whole review here!

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Live Friday Night in Seattle! | High Dive

Friday, January 27, 2012

Casey Neill & the Norway Rats


Renegade Stringband

Live at High Dive!

513 N 36th
Seattle, WA 98103


$6 presale, $8 at the door. 21+

We’re headed north to Seattle on Friday for another show at the High Dive! We’ll share the bill with two wonderful bands:

Sassparilla offers one of the most entertaining, sweaty live shows in the Pacific Northwest.
Complete with dancing, sing-along numbers, and plenty of good times. And now, with The Darndest Thing, they deliver a record that gives fans a new side of the band, centered on the structure of the song and the lyrics more so than the party groove and liveliness of their earlier recordings.” – from the band’s website.

Casey Neill & the Norway Rats are headlining–here’s the low down on the group’s new release:

This is the first recording to feature the full Norway Rats lineup which includes members of the Decemberists, Lucinda Williams Band, The Eels and Minus 5 — Little Sue (vocals, acoustic guitar), Chet Lyster (guitar), Ezra Holbrook (drums), Hanz Araki (vocals, flute), Jesse Emerson (bass), and Jenny Conlee (piano, accordion). “Goodbye to the Rank and File” was recorded throughout the fall of 2009 & the winter 2010 with help from friends like R.E.M. touring musician Scott McCaughey & Talkdemonic’s Lisa Molinaro, and produced by Ezra Holbrook. The final result combines post-punk energy, narrative storytelling, haunting ballads, and whiskey-fueled rave-ups with clear-cut influences by Richard Thompson as well as Hüsker Dü and The Clash.

The show costs $6 if you buy presale tix, and tickets are available here.

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Live with Sugarcane & Shook Twins at Mississippi Studios!

We are delighted to announce that on November 14 at 8pm we’ll perform at Mississippi Studios with the Shook Twins and our new friends Sugarcane!

Happily, our fiddler friend Ben Hunter will join us at the performance as well. Ben is equal parts playful and soulful on his instrument, he’s the kind of musician that lifts up everyone around him. We can’t wait to share the stage with him!

Ben Hunter in action!

Mississippi Studios is unquestionably one of the finest venues in Portland, you can’t beat it for sound quality and friendly people.

Tickets are available here, can’t wait t see you there!

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Live at the Goodfoot! | Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our first show of the new year is this Saturday, January 14! We’ll share the bill. You’ll no doubt remember Sugarcane from our performance with them last year at Mississippi Studios. Polecat is a band from Bellingham, Washington. They describe their music as Newgrass. This is bound to be a blast!

Here’s a lil’ bit about Polecat:

Formed in Bellingham, Washington in March 2010, Polecat has quickly established itself in the Northwest, with two records and over 100 shows in one year. Their unique instrumentation is comprised of Karl Olson (drums), Jeremy Elliott (electric guitar and vocals), Aaron Guest (vocals and 12 string guitar), Cayley Schmid (fiddle), and Richard Reeves (upright bass). This enables them to seamlessly blend genres including bluegrass, country, celtic, rock, and world music into their sound. “The core audience of Polecat is, well, everybody. There is a sense of mass appeal attached to Polecat for it’s unique take on bluegrass, as well as an acknowledged respect for their honest approach to their genre” (H. Nightbert, What’s Up! Magazine, June 2010)


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Music Round the Fire: Live at Captured by Porches!

Our friend Ray brews and sells beer for Captured by Porches.  Captured is a brewery based in St. Helens, Oregon, and they have a nice big tent with a large wood stove where they sell their beer in Portland. The tent is set up smack in the middle of the D Street Noshery, on Southeast 33rd and Division.

During fall of this year, Ray invited us to begin a weekly gig at the Captured by Porches, we were all over it.  Now, every Sunday at 6pm we play, unamplified, beside the fireplace in the large-yet-cozy tent for friends and passersby.

Food and brews at the D Street Noshery are both downright stupendous–come on down and dig in!


Live at Captured By Porches

SE 33rd & Division Street

6 – 8pm Every Sunday

Free & All Ages!


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Concert at Artichoke! | December 17, 2011

We’re live this Saturday night at one of the best venues in Portland, Artichoke Music.

Not only that, but our fiddler will be in town as well! That’s right, Ben Hunter will be there Saturday, rosin at the ready.

The show is all ages, so families are welcome. Tickets are $10 at the door.

Doors at 7:30, we’ll play from 8 – 10:00pm. See you then!

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“One Thing After Another” Now Available!

We are delighted to announce that our new EP, “One Thing After Another” is now available on CD Baby! Check it out:

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Cross Country 2012: On the Road to ROMP

Last October we were busking at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park when the Executive Director of the International Bluegrass Museum wandered by. On the spot, she offered us the opportunity to perform this summer at the ROMP Festival, which the museum hosts every year. Stunned and delighted, we accepted on the spot. Here we are eight months later, and about to hit the road for Kentucky!

Thanks to the generosity of friends and fellow musicians, we were able to line up a couple of gigs along the way. The first one is in Pinedale, Wyoming this Saturday! Thanks a bundle to Adam Mrak for lining us up a show at Rock Rabbit. The details:

Our Wyoming debut!


Tuesday, we’ll perform at the Abbey Pub in Chicago, IL. Thanks to our friends the Henhouse Prowlers for letting us hop on the bill that night! The Prowlers play there every Tuesday under the name Sexfist. If you’re like us, you think that that’s the most amazing band name you’ve ever heard. If you’re offended by it, we are sad for you.

The next day we plan on checking out some jams down in Nashville. If you’re down thereabouts, please hit us up for some music-ification!  @renegadestrings

The next day we’ll drive up to Owensboro, KY! That night, we’ll perform at the after party for the first night of ROMP. We keep pinching ourselves and not waking up, so apparently it’s really happening. It also seems that we’ll play the very next day on the main stage there, round about 2:15 in the afternoon. Tickets are available here, we hope to see you there!


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Live at the Plough & Stars!

Folks in the bay area can catch our show this Friday night in San Francisco!

May 4 | 9:00pm

The Plough & Stars

116 Clement Street

San Francisco, CA 94118

(415) 751-1122

We’re sharing the bill with San Francisco’s own Benjamin Brown, come get down!


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In the Studio



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Live with Water Tower Bucket Boys at Laurelthirst! | January 21, 2012

They Got Hops, and So Will You

Are one of the premier bluegrass bands in the Northwest. Hence, we are delighted to be sharing the stage with them this Saturday!

Live at Laurelthirst Public House

2958 Northeast Glisan Street

Portland, OR 97232

$7, 21+

Here’s a little bit about Water Tower from their website:

Loosely based in the traditions of  bluegrass, punk rock, blues, cajun, folk and country their sonic creations transcend all musical boundaries.  Their songs feature tight 3 part harmonies and powerful instrumentals.  This combined with the lightning energy of their stage performances has made them a favorite amongst music connoisseurs throughout the US and Europe alike.  Their latest record, “Sole Kitchen” (Self-Released 2010) features 13 original works with song contributions from each member of the band.  The album was recorded by punk rocker Mike Herrera of MXPX and Tumbledown at his Monkey Trench Studios in Bremerton, WA.

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    • Events on October 1, 2012

      Live at Mission Theater

      Starts: 6:00 pm

      Ends: 7:00 pm, October 1, 2012

      Location: Mission Theater

    • Events on October 6, 2012

      Official Unofficial Hardly Strictly Bluegrass After Party!

      Starts: 8:30 pm

      Ends: 11:30 pm, October 6, 2012

      Location: Plough & Stars

    • Events on October 8, 2012

      Live at Amnesia w/ Black Crown Stringband

      Starts: 9:00 pm

      Ends: 11:30 pm, October 8, 2012

      Location: Amnesia w/ Black Crown Stringband

    • Events on October 11, 2012

      Frog and Peach

      Starts: 9:00 pm

      Ends: 11:00 pm, October 11, 2012

      Location: San Louis Obispo

    • Events on October 11, 2012

      Frog & Peach in San Luis Obispo

      Starts: 10:00 pm

      Ends: 1:00 am, October 12, 2012

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